Entry Post I: A New Dawn - 6/16/2017

2017-06-17 00:19:56 by normalgeist

Well its been a couple weeks since I've joined, so i think i might as well make a post keeping my fans (All two of you) updated, as well as anyone else who may be interested

So, I've recently partnered up with AfterCredits which is a multimedia group focused on delivering a wide variety of media.  (i.e., comic books, short films, webcomics, etc)    I've done background art for Scawful's webcomic, ZQuest.  I won't release the backgrounds publically until he releases the panels.  We also made a rap song.  We plan on working on more projects in the future.  I'm also making music for another project but im not sure if I'm allowed to share the name of it.  

That's pretty much it.  Follow me on Soundcloud, and also, be sure to follow AfterCredits on Twitter!

-- UPDATE -- (6/19/2017)

I'm excited to announce that me and Scawful are going to be working on a 5-6 track EP!  More info coming soon.

Also, I completely forgot to mention that i got a MIDI controller.  According to Amazon, it should be here by June 23rd.  That'll be perfect becuase I'll have time to really fuck around with it before the NGADM results get back.  Hopefully, I'll be able to participate in that.  If not, oh well.  There's also the NGAUC.  




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