Entry Post II: I'm Back On My Shit!!

2017-06-27 21:16:29 by normalgeist

I've been gone for a while but that'll change shortly, I promise!

In fact.  You should be seeing quite a bit of content this week alone! But anyways; here's what has been/should be going down within the following days:

  1. Fiverr - I've created a new gig and might make some more, depending on where the demand leans towards the most.  The new gig is just mockups, but it might just be too general so i might just break it up into multiple gigs.  Either way, there will most likely be a ton of activity on that site for the next couple weeks until I figure out what I want to do with it or if it's even worth a shot.
  2. Webcomics - As some of you may already know, I've been working with Scawful (aka freakyfurball) on his webcomic.  I did a few backgrounds for him a couple weeks ago and he just recently updated his comic.  You can check it here (You'll see my backgrounds by p49, but get through all of it first, it's worth it!)
  3. New Villsvin EP Coming to Newgrounds - It's mostly gonna be leftovers from Behemoth, but there will be some original tracks.  (Like the finished versions of "Poison" and "Dangerous Machines III: Malfunction") I might just call the EP "Poison" for the sake of making things easier, but i don't quite know for sure yet.
  4. More Music Shit! - I got my MIDI keyboard this week!  It works great, but the problem is that FL Studio is not all that hardware friendly.  (inb4 DUDE ABLETON LMAO)
  5. After Credits (New Series?) - I'm currently working on doing background music for After Credits.  For those who don't already know, I joined these guys earlier this month.  I also recently pitched an idea for a series, which is already pre-planned and I just need to talk to Trigex (Founder of AC) about whether or not they would want to publish it.  I'm not going to release details quite yet, because not only have I not gotton past the beginning steps, I don't even have concept art for it yet.  But that should come in a couple weeks at most.




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