2017-07-21 19:12:36 by normalgeist



  • YouTube - I now have a youtube channel where all the extra content is gonna be.  I'm talking about vlogs, music, possibly tutorials/reviews, etc.  I'm gonna upload as frequently as I can while I work on a project that's fucking huge.  I've already uploaded a silly little vlog of me and my friend making food, which you can watch above.
  • New Series is officially underway.  - I'm excited, since I'll be working with the good people over at AfterCredits, and hopefully, other people in the NG community.  I'm still not going to give any details about the series itself, but the full story is already fully outlined, and I have a pretty good sense of direction for the most part.  However, if you do want to help out, (voice actors, musicians, animators, etc.) and/or want more details,  please feel free to message me.
  • Music: Devil's Dogma - Devil's Dogma is gonna be a joint mixtape with Scawful (from AC)  It will be coming out later this year.

Track listing:

1. Enter the Grid

2. Mechabyte

3. Ego Alternate

4. Rotting Deer

5. Techno Devil 

  • Music: CRIMSON POISON - My forthcoming EP, which is (finally) almost finished.  I've been working dilligently on this one and I'm pretty excited about it. (Order subject to change)

Track listing:

1. Departure (Intro)

2. Poison

3. Malfunction

4.  Scum Renaissance

5.  Neon Beast

6.  Rotting Deer [Instrumental]


  • DEFCON777 - It's going to be scrapped for now.  Now that I'm working on an animated series, and two music projects, this is just gonna be a nuscence, and an unnecessary one at that.  


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